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Maruti Koatsu Cylinders Limited (here in after referred to as the Company / MKCL) is an industrial company engaged in manufacture of High Pressure Gas Cylinders, Seamless cylinders for Gases, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Cascades.

We have state of the art manufacturing and Gas Cylinders Suppliers facilities and it confirms to Indian Standard IS:7285(Part1):2004, IS:7285(Part2):2004, IS 15490:2004 also as per New Zealand standard NZS 5454 and we are also an ISO 9001 company certified.

Company history Gas Cylinders Suppliers

In The year 1984 Mr. J.T. Thakkar incorporated a new company in the name of Maruti Koatsu Cylinders Pvt. Ltd at Halol.

Everest Kanto Cylinder Limited (EKC) was incorporated on June 24, 1978.The company was promoted jointly by Mr P.K. Khurana and Mr.J.T. Thakkar, both of whom had trading background in High Pressure Seamless gas cylinders. Being conversant with the market, they identified a gap in the small cylinders market segment in the country, and jointly decided to put up a cylinder manufacturing unit in the year 1978. Later on, Mr. J. T. Thakkar withdrew from the business and transferred his interest to Mr P. K. Khurana in September 1983.& started a new company in name and style of MARUTI KOATSU CYLINDERS Pvt. Ltd.

The manufacturing facility suitable for manufacturing small sized seamless cylinders of water capacity (3 to 60 liters) was set-up by us in collaboration with Kanto Koatsu Cylinders. Later, MKC expanded its manufacturing capacity with in house expertise by setting up a new facility in the year 1990 to 1991 manufacture large sized cylinders of higher water capacities (21 to 80 liters) which was later expanded in the year 2010 to 2011 manufacture the widest range of High Pressure Industrial Gas Cylinders largest sized cylinders of higher water capacities (80 to 200 liters) and capable of withstanding extreme working pressure of upto 150 To 400 Bar & in tube size of 108mm to 406 mm. In sum, the company has state of the art manufacturing facilities at Halol and manufactures its cylinders from seamless tubes of international quality & standards.

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MKC manufactures wide range of cylinders for industrial gases, medical gases, firefighting equipment’s, beverage industry, accumulator shells, aerospace, scientific research, CNG-NGV cylinders for vehicles and many more applications. MKC also manufactures, Gas Cylinders Suppliers with storage cylinders cascades complete with fittings and accessories for CNG and other industrial use.

Cylinder designs are based on the customer’s requirements and specifications prescribed by the Indian or International Standards. Design calculation and drawings are duly verified by BIS and finally approved by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO), Nagpur. The industrial cylinders for domestic market are manufactured as per IS-7285 standard whereas the CNG cylinders for on-board usage in automobiles are manufactured as per IS-15490, both the standards are duly certified by Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI) and later approved by Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO), Govt. of India. For the overseas markets, MKC Gas Cylinders Manufacturers in India cylinders according to stringent renowned world standard like BS, DOT, ISO, NZS, EN with “Pi” marking etc. depending upon the standards followed in the respective countries of import.

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